Getting Started with Git (and GitHub) on Windows

  1. Install
  2. Create a GitHub account at
  3. Follow these instructions to generate an SSH key and add it to your GitHub account:
  4. Create a new GitHub repo using the drop-down in the upper-right of or by visiting and filling out the form
  5. In Git Bash, type mkdir code; cd code; git clone; cd NAME_OF_REPO_YOU_JUST_CREATED but replace YOUR_GITHUB_USERNAME with your actual GitHub username :-) and replace NAME_OF_REPO_YOU_JUST_CREATED with the actual name of the repo you just created at
  6. Using a text editor, create a file called
  7. Then in Git Bash, run git add; git commit "Initial commit. Added README."; git push origin master

And that's it -- congratulations! You're now all set up with Git on your Windows machine, you have a code directory where you can create Git repos that you add code to, and you're officially an open source developer contributing code on GitHub!