Don't Use

Don't buy/rent servers from Why? Several reasons:

  1. The way they set up automatic backups is clearly a scheme to nickel and dime you for costs you neither want nor need.

  2. They claim that they sent out an email notifying customers that they were increasing their prices by like 4x (my bill went from ~$9 to ~$36), but I don't believe them for multiple reasons: I never fail to receive emails (eventually that would become apparent and never has), this is perfectly consistent with Wable's nickel-and-dime ethos, and their support person was quick to insist (twice) that I actually did receive the emails before I had even asked. Lastly, one the two alleged price notification emails was claimed to be from May 18, 2016, and the other an email that allegedly corrected something in that first email was sent before it, on May 17th; you can't correct an email before you send it out.

  3. Account cancellation is not automatic -- you have to open a ticket and ask permission first -- which is probably-not-coincidentally another nickel-and-diming scheme (yes, I just used that phrase yet again!).

  4. Their support guy, who I've interacted with 3 times now, is both rude and unhelpful.

Wable's prices sounded too good to be true, and ultimately, I guess they were.

That said, their servers were stable while I used them, and uptime was also very good.


I recommend Digital Ocean (which I typically use, including for this very site), Amazon Web Service's EC2 (though spawning a server may be confusing to people at first due to the interface and jargon), (who especially gives you plenty of storage and transfer), and Scaleway (whose prices are extremely low but without the kind of BS that Wable pulls).

I have used and liked Linode, and they just halved their prices (they were the same price as DO), so maybe I should give them another shot, though both I and (freelance programming) clients of mine have gotten email alerts from them that were sent to the wrong user ("sustained 100% CPU utilization" warnings specifically), which does not inspire confidence; in all 2 or 3 cases, my/my client's server's CPU was at ~1%; false alarm!