Recommended Encryption Tools

Here's a PDF of recommended privacy/encryption tools that I update as new tools come out (last updated: December 2017) --

Messaging and Communications

(Do not use Telegram; here's why. And don't use Skype, either.)

  • Email
    • On mobile I'm currently trying and liking Tutanota.
      • EDIT: As of August 2016, I'm now regularly using ProtonMail and will soon make it my primary email provider.
    • Desktop or laptop: Thunderbird + Enigmail, which is harder to set up and use than it should be :-(
      • Mailpile is user-friendlier (is that a word?) but currently in beta

Web Browsing

  • Anonymous Web Browsing
    • On desktop/laptop: use Tor.
    • On Android: use Orbot + Orfox.
      • Orbot connects you to the Tor network, and Orfox is a browser that then connects to Tor through Orbot.

Other Lists of Recommended Tools