Effective.af talk at Aaron Swartz Day 2018

My slides: https://zgv2t96qauu2agbgexs6.oasis.sandstorm.io/index.html?transition=none#/ I will post the video when it's up! »

My Recent AMA

Here's a rather extensive AMA/Q&A session I did for the CodeBuddies.org community last year, in which I go quite deep: https://medium »

RIOTcon 2018 Talk: The History of Pursuance

In January 2018 I gave a talk at RIOTcon about -- you guessed it -- Pursuance. Here are my slides. »

The Human Colossus

An excerpt from the brilliant https://waitbutwhy.com/2017/04/neuralink.html -- If an individual human’s core motivation is to pass its genes on »


The projects of mine that I'm currently focused on, as of... November 2017 Since April 2017 I have been maniacally focused on building and coordinating the »