Why Superintelligent AI is a Threat

Cabal: "What is the status of the mission we've provided you?" AI: "I have hacked your enemies' devices, remotely enabled their microphones, hacked into all major »


Below is a list of horribly bad, true things that have happened, many of them perpetrated by the US government. 2017.01.23: Barack Obama dropped »

Paris Attacks

Read this VERY important interview with two NSA whistleblowers about a program one of them created at the NSA, called ThinThread, that the NSA didn't want »


EDIT: Scroll down to see countervailing data compared to what I talk about here first. The disparity in homicide rates and gun control laws showed "gun »


Product Replacement TODOs Carrier: AT&T => T-Mobile Many ethical reasons why that are mostly surveillance-related T-Mobile's network is now excellent in highly-populated areas, but still »