Pony Is Not A Well-designed Programming Language, and V Is

Pony's design goals are commendable, but its author does not sufficiently care about simplicity, or does not know how to achieve it.

Example line from https://tutorial.ponylang.io/generics.html --


Here's the equivalent line in V, which is designed well and is simple:


or even


It's less than half the length, is easier to read, and sacrifices exactly nothing -- the tell-tale signs that the more complicated language isn't designed very well.

Here's a fairly simple example, also from https://tutorial.ponylang.io/generics/generics-and-reference-capabilities.html --

fun ref set(c: String iso) => _c = consume c  

Pony seems subtle, complex, and crufty, like Rust, but provides many security guarantees, also like Rust.

V achieves almost as many safety guarantees but without all the ceremony and error-prone subtlety.

Comparison between V and other languages, including Go and Rust: https://vlang.io/compare .