Policy Ideas

Policies that I believe would make the US a dramatically better place:

Tax some substantial fraction (~20%?) of the money companies save outsourcing jobs and use that money to retrain the workers who were laid off

We truly can have an economy with all winners and no losers, even as some people "win" much more than others.

Fire the 5-10% of regularly-unnecessarily-violent police officers

Obviously this would make the citizenry safer from the officers.

This would also make the other officers safer because hatred of the police would significantly decrease with all of the most unnecessarily-violent officers gone.

I wouldn't even be opposed to using some (but not a lot) of public funds to retrain them; then there will be no good reason to keep them in the police force.

A decision made on this proposal would also make it clear whether the cynics are right and the higher-ups in the police force really will do whatever it takes to protect violent officers even if it makes 95% of officers less safe!