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PostgREST: The most important technology you've never used

The most unknown and underrated technology I've ever used is certainly PostgREST. What is PostgREST, and what does it do for you? Your Postgres table definitions »

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Why Superintelligent AI is a Threat

[The following fictional story is meant as an example for how dangerous superintelligent artificial intelligence will be, and how easily malicious people will be able to »

OVH is not Unmetered

OVH's "unmetered" servers are as "unlimited" as T-Mobile's 4G -- once you use a certain amount of data transfer, you're throttled. Excerpt from the OVH license »

LetsEncrypt SSL cert on GoDaddy Shared Hosting with No Root and No nc

$ --issue -d -d -w ~/www --dns dns_gd Looks simple, doesn't it? Nope. Here's what you have to do » Review

In using for the past 13 months, I didn't notice any downtime during my stay, which I appreciate. But I'm leaving for a few »

UC Berkeley CryptoParty

My (Steve's) slides, covering why privacy is important, why surveillance is so dangerous, historical examples of surveillance being abused, and more: »

CrypTag Notes

The first version of CrypTag Notes, the secure note-taking and shared wiki page desktop app, has launched!!! »

Getting Started with Git (and GitHub) on Windows

Install Create a GitHub account at Follow these instructions to generate an SSH key and add it to your »


Use Signal, the encrypted mobile messaging app. It's open source, it's created by great hackers over at Open Whisper Systems. iPhone/iOS version Android version »

Revolution LA CryptoParty #1

I really enjoyed teaching members of Revolution LA how to use various privacy-enhancing tools at our 3-hour event on December 11, 2016. Thank you Trinity for »


Below is a list of horribly bad, true things that have happened, many of them perpetrated by the US government. 2017.01.23: Barack Obama dropped »

On Obama

Perhaps because most of us suspect that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would make even worse presidents than Barack Obama has been, this has led »

Talk: Intro to Computer Security

Slides from the talk I gave to Santa Barbara High School students: »

Data Double Standard

Great point made in this Hacker News comment: Corporations will abuse your personal integrity whenever they get a chance, while abiding the law. Corporations will cry »

"Mankind's Greatest Achievement" by Nikola Tesla

"Mankind's Greatest Achievement" by Nikola Tesla: When a child is born its sense-organs are brought in contact with the outer world. The waves of sound, heat »

Don't Use

Don't buy/rent servers from Why? Several reasons: The way they set up automatic backups is clearly a scheme to nickel and dime you »

Political Change via Strategic Voting

A friend of mine asked how I "would respond to people who say that [voting 3rd party] makes you politically irrelevant." I do have a response »

Face it: Hillary Clinton is Terrible

A Trump presidency would be a disaster. Obviously. But I am disturbed by how many people I talk to on the left (where I am) who »

Black Lives Matter Surveillance

Black Lives Matter activists are under surveillance from various parts of the government. Excerpt from an ACLU petition to stop said surveillance: By trolling Facebook, Twitter »


Good things that have happened in the world: 2016.05.19: Marxist economist Richard Wolff made this amazing video about how class works in the US »

ProtonMail: Quick Review

I just signed up for ProtonMail to try it out. Here are my first impressions. [EDIT: I was pretty harsh in this review, but I now »

They're Watching You

On March 13, 2016 I gave a talk and workshop in Santa Barbara, called "They're Watching You: Anti-surveillance Workshop for Activists and Journalists", hosted by Bonfire »


Hi! I'm Steve Phillips: techno-activist, computer programmer, and philosopher. I love ambitious people, democratizing forces, and revolutionary projects. Techno-Activist Projects and Talks 2016: "CRYPTOPARTY: Surveillance Self-Defense »