Policy Ideas

Policies that I believe would make the US a dramatically better place: Tax some substantial fraction (~20%?) of the money companies save outsourcing jobs and use »

Secure Tool Comparison: Signal v. Wire

TL;DR: Wire doesn't make you use your phone number as your identifier, which is huge IMO. But Signal has the best security track record and »

Supplements I Recommend

Since some people have recently asked, the supplements I recommend to everyone (at least give them a try!) and that I take every day are: Lecithin »


Here are some techniques for discovering your values: Ask yourself (and write your answer) -- who are the greatest people who have ever lived, and why »

Future of Text

Dear Frode and company, What am I working on? I am building Effective.af (code): secure task management software with a bevy of unique features, designed »


I consider the following statements and achievements awe-inspiring, and I hope you do, too! Voyager In 1977, Jimmy Carter wrote the following statement, which hitched a »

Server Benchmarks: Comparing DigitalOcean and Scaleway

Scaleway's servers are half the price of DigitalOcean's... but is it worth it? Let's find out. DigitalOcean's 2GB RAM instances ($5/month): $ cryptsetup benchmark # Tests are »

Configuring Checkup for Server Status Checks

Here is a super-fast way to get started with Checkup, which provides "[d]istributed, lock-free, self-hosted health checks and status pages". Checkup is pretty great, but »

Effective.af Talk for 5MoF @ Noisebridge

On 2018.11.15 I gave a talk at Noisebridge's 5 Minutos of Fame (5MoF)! Here are my slides: https://r1it4g6we08inkj4ynop.oasis.sandstorm.io/index.html »

Effective.af talk at Aaron Swartz Day 2018

My slides: https://zgv2t96qauu2agbgexs6.oasis.sandstorm.io/index.html?transition=none#/ I will post the video when it's up! »

More About Me: My Recent AMA

Here's a rather extensive AMA/Q&A session I did for the CodeBuddies.org community last year, in which I go quite deep: https://medium »


Email: steve@tryingtobeawesome.com PGP key $ gpg --keyserver pgp.mit.edu --recv-keys 0x7295C51C3F8AA1E2 PGP fingerprint: 8C26 6865 BB14 38C5 8012 F92C 7295 C51C 3F8A A1E2 Alternate »

Pursuance Talk for Code for San Francisco

Here they are! https://tryingtobeawesome.com/files/slides/pursuance-c4sf/index.html?transition=none#/ »

RIOTcon 2018 Talk: The History of Pursuance

In January 2018 I gave a talk at RIOTcon about -- you guessed it -- Pursuance. Here are my slides. »


My criteria when deciding to work on a project: Long-term: I must be not just willing, but excited to spend 10+ years of my life on »


How to Decide What to Work On You should pursue a project if and only if it: Maximizes your values Is valuable to the world Is »


Mine The End State Here's where we need to get to as a species: I want every person in the world to be doing exactly what »

Slides from my CCC Talk

Slides from my Pursuance talk given at 34C3 on December 30, 2017 in Germany: https://2bxc6ctt7hly0milf5fo.oasis.sandstorm.io/index.html?transition=none#/ »

The Human Colossus

An excerpt from the brilliant https://waitbutwhy.com/2017/04/neuralink.html -- If an individual human’s core motivation is to pass its genes on »

Slides from Latest Surveillance Self-defense Workshop

My good friend AJ Bahnken and I hosted a CryptoParty/surveillance self-defense workshop/security training in December of 2017. Here are our slides: My slides: https »


The projects of mine that I'm currently focused on, as of... November 2017 Since April 2017 I have been maniacally focused on building and coordinating the »

How to Learn Python

I've taught several people the basics of coding throughout the years. If Python is the language you should learn first (rather than, say, JavaScript), do this »


From mid-2015 to mid-2016 I got about 1/3 of my calories from Soylent, a "meal replacement" that's kind of like a protein shake, except there's »

Insightful People, Blogs, Books

Technology Jeff Lindsay Rich Hickey Rob Pike Alan Kay Bret Victor The Future Peter Diamandis Digital Security Bruce Schneier Edward Snowden Julian Assange Jacob Appelbaum Motherboard »

PostgREST: The most important technology you've never used

The most unknown and underrated technology I've ever used is certainly PostgREST. What is PostgREST, and what does it do for you? Your Postgres table definitions »