Recommended News Sources

I consume a lot of information.

Sometimes people ask me how I've come to know what I know about political ideologies and many issues that crop up in the news.

Below you can find links to various high-quality, honest information sources that I highly recommend, with most people coming from an open-minded, Progressive, pro-democracy, pro-free speech, anti-censorship, anti-oligarch, and often pro-problem-solving perspective:

Substack Blogs

  1. Krystal Kyle and Friends:

  2. Matt Taibbi:

  3. Matt Stoller:

  4. Astral Codex Ten:

  5. Edward Snowden:

  6. Foresight Institute:

  7. Micah White (co-founder of Occupy Wall Street):

  8. Reclaim Futures:

YouTube Channels

  1. Breaking Points, with Krystal and Saagar

  2. Vaush

  3. Bad Faith (Briahna Joy Gray)


  1. Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

  2. Forward (Andrew Yang)

  3. (Paul Jay)

  4. DarkHorse Podcast (Bret Weinstein)

  5. The Problem with Jon Stewart

  6. Intelligence Squared

    • Excellent debates on complex topics
  7. Bad Faith (Briahna Joy Gray)

  8. The Lunar Society (Dwarkesh Patel)

Specific Podcast Episodes
  1. Joe Rogan interviews Krystal and Saagar:

  2. Andrew Yang interviews John McWhorter:

  3. Krystal and Kyle interview an open-minded author about his book on Occupy, and discuss how the progressive left can be more effective:

  4. Joe Rogan interviews Abby Martin about Gaza:

  5. Briahna Joy Gray's brilliant, nuanced monologue on good and bad critiques of wokeness: