New Blog

At last.

Yes, I once again have a blog. Yes, it's finally hosted at my domain on my server, not on Posterous (~2010-2012) nor LiveJournal (~2004-2008). And thanks to Ghost, I can blog in markdown -- yay!

Hopes and Expectations

I'm planning to blog about...

  • Programming
    • Go
    • Distributed systems
    • Docker
    • Combining all of the above
    • Other awesome stuff we do @ 222 Labs
  • Philosophy, specifically the new methodologies I'm working on
    • Executable Philosophy
      • Convert in-English arguments/ideas/thought experiments/objects/theories/etc into Python programs
        • Enables us to compute facts
    • Axiomatic Philosophy
      • Enables us to perform philosophical proofs
  • Social Justice
    • NSA Surveillance and cryptography
    • Equality (not just gender, but also class and race)
    • Homelessness, and a possible solution
    • Basic Income
    • The interplay of automation, economics, employment, and social welfare
    • Any other injustice that pisses me off or that others don't pay enough attention to
      • The prison rape epidemic
      • Black men murdered in the streets by cops with no recourse