In using for the past 13 months, I didn't notice any downtime during my stay, which I appreciate. But I'm leaving for a few other reasons:

  1. does not support spend/billing alerts when you're on pace to go ever some user-specified amount of money that month. (I think I misconfigured how much data transfer my Tor relay could utilitize and, as a result got hit with a $75 bill on what had been a $5 server for the 12 preceeding months. I don't want this to ever happen again.)

  2. I've been part of two different teams that accidentally left a $400+/month AWS server running. We called Amazon, explained what happened, and they seem to refund your money "this time only" every time, which I appreciate. I wish that would do this sort of thing for me at least this once, but apparently not.

  3. Value. $5/month for a 512MB of RAM server used to be top-tier, but Scaleway blows those prices away, offering 2GB of RAM and unmetered bandwidth rather than 2TB/month (which is what just cost me the extra $70 on for < $4/month!!

  4. Probably-purposeful confusion.

What the fuck does that mean? That message makes me worried about deleting the server, and surely they know this, and they're trying to make us hesitate to delete servers we don't need to they can keep charging us for it.

This is not the kind of company I want to do business with.

So, I'm off to keep using Scaleway and maybe DO (which isn't a great value anymore, but they have free spending/billing alerts, and they're just so easy to use). When a I need a really beefy server and unmetered bandwidth, I'll be going with either Scaleway, OVH, or Hetzner.